Robinson College Maintenance System

Dear All As Cambridge entered tier 4 this week it requires us to put in place some additional Health and Safety procedures. Please be aware that the Maintenance department will be responding to high priority works only at this time until such times that we can be assured of maintaining safety to our staff and college users. Please show patience during this challenging period and be assured of our best endeavor. In order for us to respond effectively please give as much detail about the request as possible and be prepared to be contacted to arrange an appointment. Over the coming days, I will be reviewing our policies and procedures in an attempt to keep everyone safe. If and when our operatives have to attend to urgent or high priority items we will require the space to be vacated and safe distancing maintained at all times. Thank you for your consideration and support with this issue.

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Due to the Covid 19 we are working on reduced manpower and will get to your request as soon as we can however please be aware that all works will be prioritised. Thank you for you cooperation and understanding during this challenging period.

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